2021 Reflections and Learnings

Mamta Saha
3 min readDec 20, 2021

By Psychologist Mamta Saha

Image by Pexels

Dear readers, the end of 2021 is fast approaching. One of the best ways that you can review your year is by asking yourself some questions. Self-reflection is vital if you want to live your life by design. Self-reflecting can help you recognise your accomplishments, acknowledge your mistakes, and analyse how you can move forward. In this article, I am sharing my learnings and reflections from this year. I hope they inspire you to look inward
and explore your learnings and insights from this year.

1. Your intuition will keep directing you to what you need to learn until you learn it

Our gut evokes feelings that tend to come on suddenly. When you feel anxious, fearful, or
certain that something’s wrong, you might experience stomach twinges, pain, or nausea. That’s your intuition trying to tell you something. What I have learnt in 2021 is that by truly trusting my intuition I gained clearer direction.

Psychologists have shown that intuition is grounded in observation and experience. Time and practice can help you to hone your intuition, so give your gut feeling the space to communicate with you. Tuning in to your emotions and bodily cues can help you practice this alignment to your authentic self.

2. Speak up for you, not for them. Every time you do — you grow stronger

There have been many moments this year where I questioned if I should speak up and communicate about how I felt. And in all the moments I chose to do so instead of swallowing how I truly felt, I gained more self-confidence and did not let my silence be mistaken for compliance. Things felt unnerving when I did but I sat with the feelings and learnt that it was a wise choice to make. I encourage you to do the same.

Next time you find yourself in a situation questioning whether you should say something, do it. The likelihood that something positive will come from it is high. You will feel more confident, heard and will above anything else show respect for yourself.

3. Holding on to resentment is anger directed at yourself

When you’re holding on to resentments, your mind is agitated; it is centred around the ego, reconfirming to you that you were treated unfairly. It is impossible to enjoy your life being resentful. It can create unhealthy habits and leave you feeling powerless. Resentments left unattended can lead to bottled emotions and unhealthy outbursts. Learn to accept, let go and
forgive not for others but for you to bring back your peace of mind.

Just as you should review each day, week, and month, at the end of each year you should set aside a block of time to review the year and reflect on it. You will be surprised at how much you can acknowledge and learn about yourself from your journey. One of the best ways to do this is by asking yourself questions.

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Good luck dearest readers.